Gearing Up:~Ogio Nebula Stand Bag

Ogio Nebula Golf Bag
MSRP: $204.99

Golf bags are an often forgotten piece of equipment.

They rarely break, so there’s little reason to replace them. They can’t really lower your score – at least directly – so it’s hard to justify spending money on them.

And, perhaps most signifcantly, the bag is often out of site – either on my back or strapped to the rear of a golf cart.

Maybe that’s why it has been a decade since I got a new golf bag. Maybe, in part, that’s why I was so impressed with the Ogio Nebula bag. The golf bag, not surprisingly, has come a long way.

The bag is the latest offering in their line of Endurance Lightweight bags, coming with features good for the golfer that wants to hike all 18. Its lightweight materials, including those often found in parachutes, bring the bag’s total weight to 3.8 pounds, about as much as a stripped-down Sunday bag but more durable. It’s four-point shoulder strap is comfortable and distributes weight well, making the walk easy.

The stand itself has rubber webbing at the bottom of each leg, preventing the bag from digging into the ground. Picking clubs from the bag is a quick process thanks to the 10-inch wide mouth, divided six ways with full-length fabric.

In addition to the dividers, the bag has eight zipping pockets, offering plenty of storage. One of the pockets is fleece-lined with a sleeve for your cell phone or wallet – a nice touch that doesn’t go unnoticed. Another smart touch is an insulated holster for a water bottle, easily accessible while walking the fairways.

The bag comes in four colors or styles, including a simpler black or white, as well as the slightly more colorful acid or formula patterns.

Bottom line: the bag is a winner. If you haven’t thought about upgrading what you lug around the course, take a look at the Ogio Nebula bag; you might suddenly be in the market for a new bag.