Gearing Up:~Scor Golf Breaks New Ground in Wedges

Terry Koehler is, at heart, a marketing guy, but has the soul of a mechanical engineer and the zeal of an evangelist. He can sell ice cubes to Eskimos, design revolutionary golf clubs and make a very passionate argument on why his Scor 4161 clubs are a dramatic improvement over existing wedges and short irons.

A 30-plus-year veteran of the golf industry, Koehler has his roots deep in the Texas golf culture. He started out as a marketing and advertising consultant to several small golf club companies before eventually landing his dream job as marketing director for the Ben Hogan Company in 1994 while Mr. Hogan was still alive.

“I have been a Hogan disciple my entire life,” he says proudly.

Hogan was a perfectionist in all he did; his golf and, particularly, his business. Koehler has taken that culture with him as the CEO of Scor Golf, a custom wedge club company based in Victoria, Texas.

The axiom “drive for show, putt for dough” has a lot of truth in it but the most significant statistic in scoring is proximity to the hole on shots to the green. That’s why wedges are so important.

Scor offers what Koehler claims is “the most revolutionary development in golf equipment since hybrids hit the scene 10 years ago.”

A bold statement indeed but his explanation makes a lot of sense.

“The wedge category has been left in the dust of the golf equipment technology race,” Koehler claims. “The big brands’ new wedges look just like their old wedges — the same design, same old lofts, with the same old specialized soles and heavy and stiff shafts.”

So what makes Scor wedges different? Options when a player needs them.

Every club is custom built in Texas to each golfer’s personal specs, giving comprehensive “tour-van”-like fit. Just fill out the form on their website.

Scor offers 21 precision lofts helps a player optimize their short-range accuracy. They designed their own KBS Genius short-game shafts for feel and shot control, offering nine weight and flex options. That’s eight more than you’ll see in most stores.

Scor also does away with the confusing array of specialized bounce options with their versatile V-Sole, designed to guarantee the right bounce for the shot at hand – any lie, any course condition, any swing type.

Their SGC3 progressive weighting delivers more optimal trajectory and distance control.

Not only does Scor Golf talk a good game; they guarantee it.

“If you don’t find your Scor4161 precision scoring clubs to be all we claim,” Koehler said, “we’ll buy you any other wedge on the market you think you’d like better.”