Gearing Up:~Secret Grip

Boccieri Golf, the makers of products like the Heavy Putter, has teamed with golf legend Jack Nicklaus to offer players the ability to back-weight their clubs just like Jack did in his heyday.

Coined the Secret Grip, the new counterweighting technology features a secured tungsten weight in the butt-end of the grip, increasing the grip’s weight by more than double in many cases. This technology is meant to mimic a similar tactic used by Nicklaus during his career.

“Throughout my career, all my golf clubs were back-weighted,” Nicklaus said. “The main benefit was that it helped slow down my hands and reduce dispersion.

“There are a lot of people who could benefit from the philosophy that I used and that is why we have been working with Boccieri Golf. If we can make the game easier and thus more enjoyable for people, that’s not only a good thing for them, it’s good for the game of golf.”

The premise seems simple enough: make the grip heavier to promote a balance point closer to the golfer’s body for increased control.

The grips retail for $16.99 per grip and can be found on the company’s website or at all Dick’s Sporting Goods and Golf Galaxy locations.