Gearing Up:~Yes! Putters

ORLANDO, Fla. – When Adams Golf bought Yes! Putters, they acquired a high-quality putter line that had grown in popularity over the last five years. At the 2013 PGA Merchandise Show, Yes! showcased the latest in the C-Groove technology synonymous with their name.

The C-Groove design refers to the innovative ridged putter face seen on all new Yes! putters. While the naked eye can’t tell, traditional putters often feature a slight degree of loft that can cause your golf ball to skid on the green moments before rolling. The C-Groove technology eliminates the skidding, thus promoting a truer roll immediately at impact. The result is more on-line putts and increased consistency on the greens.

The C-Grooves feature a 20-degree-upward slant design that grips the cover of the golf ball that simultaneously lifts the ball up from rest and promotes an over-the-top rolling pattern. I found this to be especially helpful on downhill putts in terms of distance control and feel.

A polymer chip has been inserted behind the sweet spot of the putter face which helps deflect the golf ball at impact, sending your ball on its way without being “dragged” by the putter head.

Yes! putters are now available in a new antique finish that gives the club a traditional, classic look.