Get a Grip2 in the Wind With This Umbrella

Living in Chicago, I’m constantly berated by different weather conditions on what seems like a daily basis. When walking downtown or on a golf course near the city, winds or storms off of Lake Michigan can wreak havoc on anybody in the area. Swirling winds and pouring rain can ruin a golf round, and my poor umbrella doesn’t stand a chance.

That is, until now.

The new GRIP2 Umbrella is built to withstand even the worst wind conditions whether on the golf course or walking through town. Thanks to an innovative second grip handle on the umbrella, you now have more control over your umbrella in the wind.


So how does the GRIP2 work? Open the umbrella using the button on its handle. When the wind picks up and it becomes difficult to control the umbrella, simply unlatch a level on the grip and slide the “top” section of the grip up the umbrella’s shaft. You can now grip the umbrella at a higher point, instantly giving you more control while freeing-up a hand to carry other items.

In action, I was pleasantly surprised on how well the umbrella performed during a particularly windy day near my home. The dual-grip technology was easy to use and comfortable to hold even in the hardest wind gusts. I also appreciated how simple it was to close the umbrella after use, which other umbrella styles sometimes overlook in their design. Finally, the GRIP2 fit securely in my golf bag’s umbrella holder without issue.

However, you should know that the GRIP2’s 62-inch canopy is rather large. Like, borderline gigantic. While this design provides added shelter from the rain, there is really no way I can take this umbrella out to downtown Chicago without getting annoyed looks and possible kicks to the shin from people around me. You won’t want to walk in a crowd with the GRIP2.

However, the GRIP2 is an innovative solution to dealing with windy and rainy conditions on or off the golf course. As long as you have enough space around you to account for the umbrella’s size, the GRIP2 does a great job of protecting you from the elements. (