Gift Guide: Motorsports Lovers

Most of us will never bomb through the corkscrew at Laguna Seca or run three-wide at Talladega. We all get to white-knuckle our way around the mall parking garage, pretending to be Sebastian Vettel or Kyle Busch. For all those afflicted with the need for speed, here is Back9Network’s list of motorsports gifts.

Vanson Leather Jacket ($625.00)


One theme of this list is quality. If you can only have one, have the best. Vanson is a name synonymous with motorcycle racing and quality, making The Classic Star Jacket an ideal gift for the rider (or anyone else) on your list. This classic American leather jacket is sure to be a part of their wardrobe for years to come, providing comfort and style for decades.

Pierotucci Leather Gloves ($139)


If you’re looking to make a statement without being super ostentatious, a pair of Pierotucci gloves are perfect. Not only do these gloves perform, they stand out. The silk lining, as opposed to the usual cashmere or wool, coupled with colored finger inserts and decorative stitching make the difference and guarantee your  gloves will be the envy of all you’re riding buddies.

Ferragamo Driver Mocassin ($540)


Anyone who knows quality knows Ferragamo. The maker of the definitive Italian loafer now brings their expertise to the driving shoe. If you’re going to own just one pair of driving shows, The Ferragamo Driver Mocassin with side Gancio Bit is the one you ought to have. Sure, it might be a tough sell to the wife at $540, but she spends that in 3 trips to the spa…but who’s counting?

Puma Drift Cat ($110)


For a more casual sporting look, the Puma Drift Cat is a very good alternative to the Ferragamo driver. The Drift Cat has been a favorite of F1 and other top performance drivers for years and now, you can have a pair yourself. Reasonably priced and ridiculously stylish, this shoe is sure to please you, or any driving/style fanatic on your list.

Ducati Monster ($13,995 for the standard, $15,995 for the S)


Often times the reason an item makes your holiday wish list is because you won’t spend the money to spoil yourself. Necessity, responsibility and adulthood are all leading causes of spending that c-note (or a pile of them) you had set aside for self-indulgence on something else. With this in mind, when the time comes to be spoiled, don’t settle; ask for the best. The Ducati Monster is just that. Only Ducati could take the most iconic street bike in history and make it better. Designed for comfort and performance, the Monster is the perfect bike, and one that anyone would be damn proud to call their own.

BMW i3 e-car


Not so long ago, the term “e-car” was just another four-letter word to car enthusiasts, but the advancements in style and performance have made these environmentally sensitive drivers very posh. Perhaps the coolest on the market right now is the BMW i3. BMW is famous for building the Ultimate Driving Machine, so it should come as no surprise that the i3 tops most e-car lists. The i3 is the ideal vehicle for the urban dweller looking for functionality and style.

Chopard MILLE MIGLIA GT XL ($7,090)


Sometimes, lines can be blurred (Robin Thicke reminded us of that this summer), making style choices difficult. No one wants to be so traditional that they become a fashion dinosaur, nor do they want to be so cool that no one “gets it.” The Mille Miglia GTXL is one item that will never be confused for either; its timeless design makes it the perfect accessory to any style.

Ray Ban Classic Aviator ($159)


Few things have been imitated with less success than Ray Ban’s Classic Aviator sunglasses. Sure, they might look like aviators, and they may keep the sun out of your eyes, but they are not Ray Bans. Every man should own a quality pair of sunglasses and if you’re going to, it ought to be Ray Ban Aviators. Aviators are a timeless classic that go well with nearly any look that doesn’t include sweatpants.

Classic Triumph T-Shirt ($29.99)


Few things bring to mind the term “classic” like Triumph Motorcylces. Be it with Steve McQeen, Marlon Brando or other Hollywood royalty riding them into cinematic history or just the timeless style and design of the bike, Triumph stands above the rest. Now, buying or receiving this Classic Triumph shirt won’t make you a Hollywood legend, it will provide some casual style options. Whether you wear it alone or with a sport coat, the classic Triumph tee will quickly become one the favorite pieces in your wardrobe.

Chrome Industries Messenger Bag ($155.99)


Messenger bags are a growing fashion trend and if you’re going to get in on it, you may as well get the best. Chrome industries is the originator in the messenger bag game, with roots dating back to the San Francisco messenger culture and offer a variety of versatile bags that are not only practical and comfortable, they are damn good looking too.

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