Top 9 Caddyshack Gifts

Fun fact: “Caddyshack” turns 34 years old today. Therefore, you have an excuse to celebrate your favorite golf movie. Go play a round or two and “Nananananana” all you want. Or buy yourself (or a friend) a Caddyshack-related gift.

No, it’s not weird to buy yourself a gift because it’s Caddyshack’s birthday. Here are nine of the best we found on the web. Enjoy!

Gopher Head Cover ($17.95)

The Gopher is arguably the most important character in “Caddyshack.” Without the lovable villain who plagued Carl Spackler all movie long, we’d never get the climactic explosions and thus, Danny Noonan never would’ve won the caddy tournament. This stuffed head cover is the perfect gift for any “Caddyshack” lover on your list for two reasons: It’s priced to move, and it is a conversation piece that will let everyone know their movie reference won’t be lost on you. 


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Bushwood Country Club Danny Noonan Hat ($23)

Every fan of the film or ex-caddy needs to have an orange Bushwoods CC hat in his or her collection. It is a status symbol in and of itself, reminding everyone that they shouldn’t mess with you or, “Hey, they don’t getta no Coke.”

Judge Smails Fedora Gift Basket ($50)


OHMYGOD. This might be my favorite gift in the history of the universe. Judge Smails’ ridiculously horrendous fedora seen in the film makes the perfect gift basket, which comes equipped with Bushwood-logoed golf balls and naked lady tees.

Czervik Tour Staff Golf Bag ($525)

I may have spoken too soon, because this gift is outstanding. Rodney Dangerfield’s legendary portrayal of real estate tycoon Al Czervik in the movie provided fans pages of memorable quotes. What better way to remember the late actor’s finest role than to own this golf bag?

Carl Spackler Camo Bucket Hat ($25)


Bill Murray’s iconic role as the Bushwood head greenskeeper solidified him as a king in cinematic comedy. Now you can own his famous camoflaugue bucket hat while you kill all the golfers… GOPHERS. I MEANT GOPHERS.

Lacy Autographed Photo (Signed by Cindy Morgan) ($50)

Cindy Morgan’s portrayal of Judge Smails’ niece, Lacy, was not only incredibly funny but she single-handedly injected sexuality into the game of golf … and we are all so happy she did. This autographed photo would look nice on your nightstand.

Bushwood – A Tribute to Caddyshack ($129 to $4,015)


Originally a commissioned piece, this amazing painting of the movie’s cast by David O’Keefe brings the “big four” of Chevy Chase, Bill Murray, Rodney Dangerfield and Ted Knight front and center, where they deserve to be. You have all kinds of sizes and options to choose from, including framing and the type of print. Any golf fan would be proud to have this hanging in their office, equipment shack or yacht club.

The Zen of Golf Ornament ($17.95)


Ty Webb’s words of wisdom from the Zen philosopher, Basho will always stick with Danny: “A flute with no holes is not a flute … and a donut with no hole is a Danish.” Deep stuff Ty, deep stuff. Now, you can immortalize his Zen with this limited-edition Hallmark Keepsake Ornament. 

Dancing Gopher (price varies)

Last but certainly not least, you can purchase a dancing robotic version of the movie’s true star: the Gopher. There might not be another movie mascot as recognizable as this little guy, so be sure to pick one of these up today.

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