Gift Guide: Top 9 Funny Golf T-Shirts

As the holidays approach, you’re dreading shopping for the avid golfer on your list who has everything – the nicest clubs, the best balls, and so many golf polos that he always looks as if he just stepped off the course. He doesn’t need a new towel to clean his clubs, he has a golf bag for every day of the week, and a different pair of shoes to match.

What gift could you possibly give? Who doesn’t love funny T-shirts? We do. Here are nine of the best for that duffer in your life:

I Like Big Putts and I Cannot Lie ($15.95)

It’s been more than two decades since Sir Mix A Lot came out with the jam “Baby Got Back,” in which the rapper emphatically begins the song, “I like big butts and I cannot lie.” But the lyrics are still well-known to this day. Give your golfing buddy a new challenge: sink a putt to win a friendly bet while wearing this shirt.

Big Putts

Golf Reality ($30.95)

From a distance, it appears as if you’re one of those people who buys a shirt to commemorate every big moment of your life. But as you draw closer to the shirt, the reality sets in that you’re actually one of those people who can make fun of your awful golf game.

Golf reality

Baba Booey ($38.45)

We all hear this phrase shouted out at golf tournaments, but never get a face to match the voice. Let your friend be anonymous no more.

Baba booey

John Daly Is My Homeboy ($25.55)

Because really, who doesn’t view John Daly as their homeboy?


Everyday I’m Dufnering ($21.99)

If Daly is a little too old for your golf aficionado’s liking, then the new popular pudgy white guy with long-ish hair is Jason Dufner. Well before the Duf Daddy captured his first major at the PGA Championship, he unintentionally set the Twitterverse ablaze with his Dufnering meme.


World Masters Air Shot Champion ($25.55)

Every single golf hack in the world has reared back, swung, and missed at one point or another. For those who claim they’ve never whiffed, this shirt is especially for you, liar.


You Got To Have Balls ($21.54)

Unless you’re on the PGA Tour, a great day on the golf course is one in which you never lose a ball. But like the chances of becoming a pro, those days are very rare. Might as well admit it to the world.


Do What You Love ($19.99)

Is the image not 100 percent accurate of how you feel about 75 percent of the time you go golfing? Such an infuriating game, but we love it so much.

What you love

Chubbs Peterson Golf Legend ($19.99)

For many of us, the only golf instructor we ever listened to was Chubbs Peterson. Clearly, if he can mold Happy Gilmore into a legend, he knows what he’s talking about. “It’s all in the hips!


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