Golf Buggy? Dune Cart? Either Way, We Want One

Let’s be honest: Golf carts are pretty boring looking, and even more boring to drive. Sure, we’ve seen some awesome custom ones like the Batcart and Bubba Watson’s hovercraft, but they’re not practical. And as awesome as they are, you’ll probably never see them driving (hovering?) down a fairway near you.

One sweet cart that you could see on your course, however, is the Ecocruise Cruser Sport Golf Car. It’s a mix between a traditional golf cart and a dune buggy, making it one of the coolest things you’ll ever put your clubs on.

The photos below show the street-legal “car” model, the Cruser Sport, with the golf version still in production and set to launch in the summer of 2015. 


This electric cart sports a carbon fiber body with a sleek front windshield and metal roll cage. The Golf Car model will feature a rear golf cargo system with a cover for your clubs. It’s even said to make your “golfing experience even more enjoyable and relaxing.” 

Some of the other features include an LCD screen, AM/FM radio, CD Player, USB port, and auxiliary input jack, all to blast out of the four-speaker audio system. And it’ll likely improve pace of play with its top speed of 35 mph.

It’s not going to break any world records for its speed, but 35 mph should be fast enough on the course.


No price has been set as of now, but the Cruser Sport will retail for $8,500 to $11,900 — just to give an idea for how much it will sell for.


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