Golf Clubs 101: Get A Grip

Golf club grips are commonly overlooked when it comes to fully customizing your bag. Most amateur players have no clue what their correct grip size is, to a staggering degree. A recent study conducted by Golf Magazine suggests 9 out of 10 players use the wrong grip size.

According to the study, which was comprised of 24 golfers ranging in handicaps to +1 to 7 swinging their own 5-iron, traditional grip size measuring techniques have it all wrong. After recording data on more than 1,400 swings during the test, researchers came across some shocking results:

  • Only five of the 24 golfers tested hit their best shots with the grip size that matched their measured grip size in terms of left/right accuracy
  • Only three of these players hit their best shots in terms of distance control
  • Only one (!) player hit their best overall shot in terms of accuracy and distance using the grip size they were measured to use

What does this all mean? According to the data, there is less than a 50 percent chance you are using the proper golf grips for your hand size when using clubs you just purchased off the shelf. Furthermore, the study proves you are literally sacrificing five strokes every round simply because you are using the wrong-sized grips – without ever knowing the difference.