Golf KITT: David Hasselhoff Auctioning Knight Rider Cart

If you’ve ever had the desire to drive KITT from “Knight Rider” down the fourth fairway at your local country club, you’re in luck. David Hasselhoff, star of the popular 80s series, is auctioning off his Knight Rider-replica golf cart and it’s spectacular.




The cart features tan cloth interior as well as a Panasonic sound system and an “inbuilt cooler” behind the seats. But what would a KITT-replica golf cart be without some cool gadgets and gizmos? Mounted under the sound system is a Knight Rider console-feature, equipped with the iconic red lights. To make the deal even more tempting, all proceeds from the sale, which is expected to be between $2,000 – $4,000, will benefit the Starlight Children’s Foundation.



Hasselhoff reportedly drove his kids around the town every Halloween, as well as taking the cart to soccer practice. Other items up for auction from Hasselhoff include his KITT-replica Pontiac Firebird, a Knight Rider jacket and posters.

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