Google Glass Will Change How You Look at Golf

When it comes to having access to information always at your fingertips, we have laptops and tablets and smartphones and even smartwatches. What’s next? Smartglasses.

Well, Google Glass, to be exact. The virtual-reality glasses were released to developers back in February, some “explorers” – people who asked for the product to help develop it – got their hands on Glass soon thereafter, and it’s expected to be available to the public in 2014. Basically, they are lightweight glass frames with a small display above the right eye.

Golfers are sure to be among some of the first consumers to pony up the $1,000 (at least) to use Google Glass on the course. Goldstein Technologies on Tuesday introduced GolfSight by SkyDroid, a GPS system uniquely designed for Google Glass that can give distances to golf courses and their unique landscapes through satellite images, keep track of scoring, and record experiences to share socially.

Check it out:

More than 25,000 golf courses across the world have been mapped by SkyDroid for more than two years, and anyone can add new courses. From anywhere on a course, a screen displays the distance to the green next to a satellite image from Google Maps. Tap on the screen and up pops up another screen showing “Hazards & Targets.” Once on the green, the glasses ask to enter your score, which you can enter with another tap. A scorecard then appears to remind you how well (or poorly) you’re playing.

Of course, golf is just one of the many things you can do with Google Glass:

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