Guinness World Records: World’s Longest Golf Club

Nowadays it seems there is a world record for everything. That includes the world’s longest golf club, which is owned by a Danish man named Karsten Maas.

Just take a look at this freakin’ thing:

I’m not exactly sure how this guy gets that driver around in a manner that looks anything like a golf swing, but he pulls it off. While he looks like he’s moving in slow motion, the clubhead speed on his 14-foot-5-inch driver has to be upwards of 150 mph. Supposedly, Maas was able to hit this new club 40 yards farther than the previous 14-foot-2.5-inch driver – which Maas also owns.

Could you imagine if Bubba Watson or Gary Woodland got their hands on this sucker? Area codes would be flown, people. Area codes.

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