9 Best Paid Golf Apps

Be honest iPhone devotees: Can you imagine your life without the Apple App Store?

Hard to believe, yes, but you actually got along fine without it just five short years ago. That’s right – in June 2008, such a dreamland didn’t even exist.

But oh how we’re thankful it came into our lives. So join us in wishing the Apple App Store a happy fifth birthday.

Naturally, this calls for a list. Here are the nine best paid golf apps for your iPhone (click here for the best free apps):

Skydroid Golf GPS ($1.99) – One of the cheapest GPS apps, Skydroid offers distances to every hazard and green on more than 20,000 courses, as well as satellite images.

Visulax Golf (on sale for $2.99) – The No. 1 mental golf app in the App Store, Visulax offers tips on visualization and relaxation, and even your short game.

SwingPlane ($3.99) – Like most other swing-analyzing apps, SwingPlane shows your video next to a pro’s, but with this one you can draw shapes to monitor swing plane, head position and other key positions.

USGA Rules of Golf ($3.99) – If you really want to play like the pros, you need to follow the rules like the pros. Have a question that the app can’t answer? Just email the USGA.

Tiger Woods: My Swing ($4.99) – Compare your swing side-by-side to the legend’s, watch how-to videos featuring Woods, and see exclusive videos from Woods while he’s on tour.

V1 Golf ($4.99) – Become one of more than 45 million swings filmed and analyzed, and compare yours to that of pros like Rory McIlroy, Freddy Couples and Lorena Ochoa.

Golf Rules Quick Reference ($9.99) – Think your golf partner is cheating, but not sure of the rules? Look it up in this app and have a ruling in seconds.

GolfShot ($29.99) – A detailed golf GPS device that doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars, GolfShot has earned its way into the Apple App Store Essentials Hall of Fame, an honor chosen by Apple.

SwingSmart ($249) – Place the SwingSmart module on your club shaft, practice a few swings, upload the data via your iPhone, and get instant feedback on tempo, attack angle, swing speed and face angle.

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