How Ralph Lauren Won the U.S. Open Twitter War

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If you watched any U.S. Open coverage last Sunday afternoon, chances are you saw Billy Horschel donning what can only be described as Pants Gone Wild… literally.

The one-time PGA Tour winner was wearing octopus pants. There is simply no other way to describe them. Little white octopuses all over Billy’s legs. The pants were loud, they were obnoxious, they were hideous… and because of that, they were absolutely outstanding.


What is even more outstanding, however, is how the pant’s designer — Ralph Lauren — marketed them prior to Horschel ever stepping foot on the course that afternoon. According to Adam Hartung of, the fashion monolith took to Twitter and other social media outlets to showcase the unique print as part of their new RXL line. As a result, Horschel’s fashion statement instantly went viral as golf fans across the globe circulated photos of his wardrobe.

Ralph Lauren’s RLX line is growing in popularity as a whole, and not just because of an obvious affinity for aquatic life. Star players like Horschel, Luke Donald and Matteo Manassero can be seen wearing the line, which is an ultra-modern performance-driven design that comes across as rather sophisticated. Well, most of the time.

Despite the fact that Horschel was well out of US Open contention by mid-afternoon, golf fans were still buzzing about his octopus pants up well into the evening. In fact, as Hartung suggests in his article, more people were talking about the pants on Twitter than Tiger Woods, Justin Rose, or any other player in the tournament.

That, dear friends, is how you win the social media war.

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