Is This the World’s Fastest Electric Golf Cart?

The folks with Shock Therapy Racing boast a mighty fine custom-built golf cart. According to KFVS, it’s the world’s fastest electric golf cart and it broke its own record on Sunday at Dyno Dom’s Raceway during the 4th Annual Electric Vehicle Conversion Convention in Sikeston, Mo.

The cart reportedly covered the 1/8-mile track in 6.63 seconds and reached a top speed of 97.32 mph, according to the National Electric Drag Racing Association. The previous world record was 88 mph in the same amount of time.

Here’s some video, which was posted Monday and is nothing official. But the vehicle is billed as the “world’s fastest golf cart” and it’s racing on Dyno Dom’s Sikeston Raceway:

No time is shown in the video, but if that was the 97.32-mph pass, was it really the world record?

That may not even be the fastest that this cart has gone. Here is a very similar-looking Shock Therapy cart reaching 97.57 mph, according to this video:

And according to Guinness World Records, the “fastest golf cart” belongs to Plum Quick Motors, which built a cart that reached 103.65 mph in 14.183 seconds on a 1/4-mile track at Darlington Dragway in Hartsville, S.C, on Oct. 4, 2013. Here’s the video proof of that one:

We’re no experts, but that Plum Quick cart sounds electric too. And it looks more like an actual golf cart. And it actually carries golf clubs, even while racing, which is awesome.

The Plum Quick cart also reached its record speed on a longer track, so the “world’s fastest” title appears up for debate. Maybe Shock Therapy and Plum Quick need to stage a drag race, because believe it or not, golf cart drag racing is a thing.

Plum Quick even takes on muscle cars:

And if you’ve ever wondered what it looks like to travel 95 mph in a souped-up golf cart, Shock Therapy has a great GoPro video:

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