Kickstarter Campaign Merges Surfing and Golf

By now you have probably heard of the golf cart hovercraft made famous by PGA Tour star Bubba Watson and LPGA legend Nancy Lopez. But have you heard about the new Golf Board endorsed by surfing icon Laird Hamilton?

The Golf Board is a new start-up product found on the website Kickstarter, which allows investors to support new and exciting ideas from the comfort of their own homes. The product, which closely resembles a surf board or skate board, will allow golfers to “surf the earth” as an alternative to the golf cart.

The design began as a four-wheel drive electric mountain board (skateboard with large tires) and eventually evolved into its present prototype. Apparently this thing can go upwards of 12 MPH so it matches the speed of a traditional cart.

The Golf Board features a bag mount and handle to support your golf bag, or the vehicle can be used in “free ride” mode to simply “surf” around your neighborhood golf course.

It should be no surprise that Laird Hamilton is backing a product that combines his love of surfing with his second love of golf. Hamilton has always been an avid golfer and, as he told Esquire in 2011, has even resorted to standing on golf balls to help massage the arches of his feet to aide in his surfing.


Laird and his wife, former professional volleyball player Gabrielle Reece, often play golf with their two children and have offered a ton of input into the design of the Golf Board. Highly regarded by surfing historians as the “all-time best of the best”,  Hamilton is also a huge proponent of health and fitness – two areas that are also addressed by the design of the Golf Board.

While the Golf Board is still substantially short of its goal of raising $100,000 (it currently sits at just under $7,000), there is no question the idea is both promising and incredibly intriguing.

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