Lamkin Crossline ACE 3GEN Review

By Pete Wlodkowski of

Lamkin’s Crossline grip pattern has been preferred by avid amateur golfers and Tour pros since it’s introduction in 1995. When something works, you stick with it, and the Crossline has been the best selling grip pattern in the company’s history. (I still prefer the low torque feel of a Crossline cord on my driver and 3-wood.)

While Lamkin continues to sell their most popular models to both OEM clubmakers and club repair shops, they have also enjoyed a great deal of success with new materials lately, resulting some of the tackiest, shock absorbing new grips ever made.

So I was naturally intrigued with the newest member of the Crossline family, Crossline ACE 3GEN. But I hadn’t put them on any of my “gamers” until one day I played a few holes with a club fitter, who couldn’t stop raving about them.

“It’s all about the texture, and the tackiness,” he told me. “When my hands are a bit damp on a hot day, they only feel better.”

My own testing proved true to his claims, but also reminded me of another benefit of the ACE 3GEN material — shock absorption.


If you prefer a softer grips — whether it’s because you grip the club lightly or have a hand/shoulder issues — there is a chance you have found some of the offerings on the market a bit too, well, squishy. Not true with the Crossline ACE 3GEN. I’ve tried them on a longer club and on my irons, and the feel is “just right.”

Crossline ACE 3GEN grips, in grey with black lines and a really sharp looking red end cap, are available now. Click on the logo below to visit Lamkin’s website, where you can find a sizing tool, and a link to dealers.

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