Loudmouth Brings Golf and Football Together

Loudmouth Golf is best known for its loud and flashy golf apparel famously worn by PGA Tour player John Daly. Chances are if you’ve seen a ridiculously-patterned pair of pants on a golf course, it’s probably made by Loudmouth. Loudmouth GatorsWouldn’t it be cool if that same style was available for football fans?

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Well Johnny, you’re in luck. Loudmouth has just released a new line of College Gameday Pants.

These pants not only bring the flashiness to fans of the gridiron, but they also look comfortable as all get out. Are you a Florida State fan? Then order yourself some Seminole-print slacks. Big supporter of Alabama football? Get yourself some crimson diamond-patterned shorts. Roll Tide!

Pant styles include men’s and women’s garments, so you can even pick up something nice for the missus. Or the mistress, if that’s your bag, man. I won’t judge.

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