Maide Golf: 7 Questions with Director of Design Ian Velardi

Founded on the core principles of perfect fit and impeccable service, Maide Golf is a contemporary golf brand that epitomizes the modern, golf lifestyle aesthetic. Focused primarily on apparel, Maide Golf updates classic golf garments, such as the polo shirt, with a fun and sophisticated outlook that is garnering substantial interest with golfers and non-golfers alike. And with plans to expand brand exposure to the professional golf tours, Maide Golf will continue to set the lifestyle trend with its fresh, functional, and immaculately fitting golfing apparel.

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MINOR|HOUSE had the opportunity to ask Maide Golf’s Director of Design, Ian Velardi, several questions ranging from the inspiration behind the brand, the philosophy behind the brand’s aesthetic, and his favorite pieces from the Fall/Winter 2013 offering. Here is our Q&A:

What was the inspiration behind Bonobos branching into golf wear?

There’s an authentic passion for the game of golf among members of our company that inspired this product. Maide was launched to fill a void in the marketplace; it’s the answer to what we see missing in the golf world as it relates to fit, style and functionality

How did the brand come up with the name Maide?

We wanted to pay homage to the history of golf while still having the name translate to our customer. We thought a tie to Scotland was appropriate since the game originate in there. From there we came up with Maide, which is the gaelic word for “club”. It’s the perfect blend between old and new, much like the brand itself.

The Maide Golf aesthetic appears heavily inspired by the casual yet smart and clean look that encompasses the Bonobos brand. How much do the two brands collaborate when it comes to design and the aesthetic of Maide Golf?

The brands are both very separate and different in their own rights; Maide is a modern day golf brand focusing on a much more active and sporting lifestyle where Bonobos is focused on every day clothing to fill a man’s wardrobe. With that said, Maide has taken a page from Bonobos book by incorporating the better-fitting clothes model into golf product. Maide’s goal is to produce performance clothing with great fit, style, and functionality. We share fit knowledge and technicians but collectively Maide is entirely separate of Bonobos.

One of the major trends in golf fashion recently has been the movement toward garments that are suitable to be worn on-course and off-course. How much does this lifestyle trend influence design at Maide Golf?

Screen Shot 2013 12 06 at 11.43.00 AM Maide Golf | 7 Questions with Director of Design Ian Velardi

This lifestyle trend is a huge, if not the primary, focus for Maide. I try to design product that isn’t obvious golf clothing that you tend to see a lot now-a-days. Maide’s apparel is more street-wear but has the performance aspect needed to play golf. The overall goal for us is to develop product that’s wearable for both on and off the course. We want to blur the line between the two for golfers to make wearing Maide from the course to bar as easy as possible; That way the guy looks great no matter the location and he doesn’t have to worry about whether it’s appropriate.

What are your favorite garments in the fall/winter 2013 collection?

The sweaters in the fall/winter 2013 collection are phenomenal. The Southsider and The Knockdown are both clean, classic styles perfect for the chillier months. The Highland Pant and The Heathland Pant are also spot on when it comes to fit and golf style.

With the many demographics that Maide Golf already appeals to, are there any others that the brand is trying/would like to reach?

Right now we’re geared to the modern golfer but we don’t limit ourselves at all. It’s for everyone and anyone who can appreciate the aesthetic of classic golf attire with performance abilities.

Where do you see the brand expanding into in the next 5 years? What are the long-term goals for Maide Golf?

We want to create and make Maide the golf lifestyle brand. No golf brands have taken a modern approach to the game the way Maide is and there’s a lot of opportunity to do so that we are excited about. Our product goal is to be the best-fitting and performing pant, short, and polo since that’s the biggest focus of golf these days. We want to keep developing our pants to be the go-to product in that market, same with polos. Golf accessories such as hats, gloves, belts, bags, shoes etc. will also be important as our brand and business grows. As for the overall brand, we would love to get more involved with PGA tour players, sponsorships, and really start to generate buzz and loyalty that way.


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