Nike Opens Its First Performance Fitting Center

On Monday, Nike Golf opened the world’s first Nike Performance Fitting Center, and it’s freaking awesome. Located at Archerfield in Edinburgh, Scotland, the fitting center offers the same attention and services Nike’s tour athletes receive, ensuring golfers that they’re getting the best possible fitting experience.


“Today marks a critical step in our journey as we deliver an experience designed to serve the golfer in fitting and performance,” said Cindy Davis, President, Nike Golf.  “It’s not enough to simply make great product – we have to serve our consumer with world-class experiences that enable them to unlock their true potential. Our partnership with Archerfield, an authentic site located on Scotland’s Golf Coast, does just that.”

Rory McIlroy was in attendance for the launch, and he fully endorses Nike’s ability to fit consumers just as it does tour players.

“This incredible facility takes club fitting to another level,” McIlroy said in a release. “It’s so impressive that Nike is providing the consumer the same type of service that we get as Nike athletes.” 

And it’s more than just a fitting center. It’s essentially a golf training resort. The Archerfield Links Estate features two golf courses, the Fidra and Dirleton Links, as well as a 17th century Mansion House, which includes a spa and gym.


Several packages are available. Golfers can choose an “ultimate three-day stay at the luxury club,” which includes a club and ball fitting, game assessment, a fitness consultation, and a lesson on the links with one of Archerfield’s elite coaches.

The three-day session begins with a personal club fitting on day one, with the golfer’s personalized clubs being delivered to them on day two before their playing lesson. Then, the player will have a distance mapping session, as well as a lesson with a little bit of technology that’s free to all golfers: the Nike Golf NG360 app.

This smartphone app allows any golfer to analyze and track their game while on the course, and it even offers a few tips on how to improve your performance.


There isn’t much that this fitting center is missing, and it seems like it’ll be the go-to spot for all your golf-fitting needs … as long as you’re willing to make the trip to Scotland.






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