Odyssey Golf Introduces New Tank Putter

Odyssey Golf announced the newest addition to its repertoire last Friday: the Odyssey Tank putter.

The new Tank series features a crescent-moon putter head – similar to the company’s Sabertooth design – that comes with counterbalance stability weighting. This feature helps quiet the golfer’s hands throughout the putting stroke, promoting more consistent putts with increased accuracy.

According to Odyssey, the new Tank putter also boasts a moment-of-inertia (MOI) that is 109-times greater than the traditional putter. That’s a lot of MOI.

The name “Tank” isn’t just a clever name; this putter is heavier than most putters on the market. According to Chris Koske, a director at Odyssey, amateur golfers have been asking for a heftier club for years.

“At every golf club in the world, we’ve heard golfers say, ‘I just want something a little heavier’,” Koske explained. “With the proposed anchoring ban in discussions, we thought it was the right time to service golfers with an alternative and stability-focused method to putting and putter design. We didn’t just do heavy — each component is carefully weighed to ensure a proper balance point and ultimate stability.”

Each Tank putter will also feature Odyssey’s trademark White Hot face insert to promote a soft feel at impact. Critical to the insert’s enhanced consistency, a new laser milling cutting process allows Odyssey to achieve extremely tight tolerances and to better match insert shapes to the various head shapes in its putter offerings.

The new Tank putter will be available on April 12, 2013.

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