OnCore Golf Releases Metal-Core Golf Balls

OnCore Golf, an upstart golf company that began as a Kickstarter campaign, has just released the world’s only hollow metal-core golf ball: the MA-1.0.

The science and technology behind the USGA-conforming OnCore MA-1.0 golf ball is simple: insert a hollow metal core into a soft polymer golf ball. However, the effects of this innovation are anything but typical. You see, the hollow metal core of the MA-1.0 pushes the ball’s weight to its perimeter, resulting is less sidespin while in the air.

That means less chance for your golf ball to fly off-line, which means more accurate golf shots. No, really. This ball has been made to fly straighter than any other conforming ball on the market.

OnCore 500x500

Achieving USGA approval was no easy task.

“Being the new kid on the block, it’s always a bit nerve-racking to submit one of our products to the USGA, as the innovative technology behind the ball is groundbreaking. The timely conformance approval from the USGA gives us confirmation and confidence that OnCore is creating impactful products and technologies that golfers can enjoy while remaining faithful to the rules,” said OnCore President Bret Blakely.

“We are excited to now have a USGA-conforming product for players of all skill levels. Golf is a sport that can be frustrating at times; using the MA-1.0 ball makes for a more enjoyable time on the links,” said Vice President Steve Coulton.

What’s next for OnCore Golf?

“We have an abundance of new products being developed as we speak, some that will truly amaze the golf world. With each product we develop, we keep the needs and desires of fellow golfers at the center of the process,” Blakely says.

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