Performance Friday: PGA Professional Casey Bourque

Unless you’re one of the experts giving these lessons, you could probably use a little help with your golf game. The weekend is coming and that means it’s time to play some golf! It also means it would be in your best interest to brush up on your game or face the consequences and ridicule from the other members of your foursome.

Fret not, hackers, duffers and less-than-good golfers of the world, Back9Network is here to help. This week’s Performance Friday comes courtesy of PGA professional Casey Bourque.

Playing in the wind

“Choke down on the club, place the ball in the middle of your stance. I’m only gonna take (the backswing) back 75 percent. Remember, I don’t want to contribute as much clubhead speed to hitting this shot; we need to limit spin.” 

Pitching under pressure

“Distance is the more difficult variable. Directional control is easy to come by. We want dead, soft hands through impact and a swing that correlates to the distance we want to hit the ball.” 

How to beat sidehill lies

“When the ball is below your feet, you must make accommodations. We need to get a little closer to the ball, get a little more knee flex than usual. I’m hoping to keep my balance, so you might want to take a wider stance.”

Driving the ball with accuracy and consistency

“We want to get the ball forward in our stance. We want the club to be descending. We want to strike the ball on an ascending motion.” 

Check back every Friday for a new batch of the best golf tips on the web to help you get ready for the weekend. May your drives be straight and your tales be tall.

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