Performance Friday: PGA Professional Tim Johnson

Unless you’re one of the experts giving these lessons, you could probably use a little help with your golf game. The weekend is coming and that means it’s time to play some golf! It also means it would be in your best interest to brush up on your game or face the consequences and ridicule from the other members of your foursome.

Fret not, hackers, duffers and less-than-good golfers of the world, Back9Network is here to help. This week’s Performance Friday comes courtesy of PGA professional Tim Johnson.

Hitting Shots Above Your Feet
“The first thing you’ve got to do is grip down on the club to compensate for the ball being above your feet. We find that most, if not everybody, when they get in this situation, they don’t think about gripping down — and that’s probably the most important thing.” 

Longer, Straighter Drives
“You’ve got to check your grip. The grip feels uncomfortable. When it’s in the fingers, I can get the wrist joint going up and down. When it’s in the palm, it won’t go. So we need to get the grip down in the fingers so our wrist joint will work for us.” 

Hitting the Perfect Pitch Shot
“If you’re struggling, it’s probably because your backswing is too short, your chest isn’t rotating and you’re flipping at it. Just allow your chest to turn, and you’ll start hitting better pitches.” 

The Importance of Good Alignment
“Most people are trying to fix their golf swing when it’s their alignment that’s causing them problems. Poor alignment creates poor golf swings.”  

Check back every Friday for a new batch of the best golf tips on the web to help you get ready for the weekend. May your drives be straight and your tales be tall.

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