Performance Friday: Team Titleist’s Andrew Hall

Unless you’re one of the experts giving these lessons, you could probably use a little help with your golf game. The weekend is coming and that means it’s time to play some golf! It also means it would be in your best interest to brush up on your game or face the consequences and ridicule from the other members of your foursome.

Fret not, hackers, duffers and less-than-good golfers of the world, Back9Network is here to help. This week’s Performance Friday comes courtesy of Team Titleist professional Andrew Hall.


“Who is the guy that can stand with a club face aiming down the target line, put his feet, hips and shoulders parallel to that line, make a swing, see the ball start as close to the line as possible and when it finishes its flight, land as close to that line as possible? These are things you should be doing when you practice, getting your golf ball under control.”

Scoring Shots

“What we have to do here is understand that the distance the ball goes through the air is dictated by the length of the swing and speed the club is traveling as it comes through the ball.” 

 Improving Your Ball Striking 

“When you’re practicing, put the ball on a downslope. Because the slope itself helps you feel the things you want to be feeling if you want to be consistent with these clubs.”

 Driving Accuracy

“To be successful with the driver, your golf swing has to be slightly shallower and on a flatter plane. What you must remember is that a lot of the things that happen at address make the club want to swing in that way.”

Check back every Friday for a new batch of the best golf tips on the web to help you get ready for the weekend. May your drives be straight and your tales be tall.

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