Pulling a Cart Can Be Tough, So This Robotic Cart Follows You

If money is no obstacle, you really have a plethora of ways to move your clubs around a golf course with you. There’s the traditional way: the golf cart. There’s the more exercise-friendly way: the push cart. There’s the surfing/snowboarding method: the Golfboard. And there’s the Segway/skiing method: the Mantys.

If none of those suit your fancy, let us introduce you to the hands-free method: the X9 Follow by Stewart Golf. It’s a robotic golf trolley that, yep, follows you around the course.

Other than a living, breathing caddie, it doesn’t get much easier than that. For just $2,500, you have a robot that shadows you and an adult version of a remote-controlled car.

And let’s face it: You’ll need that second feature more than the first. The follow function is great for the fairways, but aren’t the weeds/rocks/trees where we really spend most of our time? Venture into the rough stuff on your own and just have the X9 meet you where it’s safe.

The trolley comes in Metalic Silver, Metalic Black, Pearlecent White or Racing Green, and will be available starting in June. The X9 Follow is latest generation of the X-Series from Stewart Golf, which originally launched the X1 Remote in 2003.

And you know, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are right around the corner… tell your loved ones to start saving up!

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