PUMA Releases Lightest Shoe in Golf

Nowadays it seems the biggest goal of golf apparel companies is to see who can come out with the lightest golf shoe. Based on an announcement released earlier today, it would seem PUMA Golf is laying claim to that distinction.

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The new Faas Lite Mesh looks more like a shoe you’d wear to the pool or track than on the golf course, but in a good way. These shoes look like they weigh next to nothing… and at an astonishing 6.4 ounces, that’s not far from the truth.

Most bottles of water weigh more than these shoes. That’s insane.


From a technology standpoint, the Faas Lite Mesh focuses on providing players as much comfort as possible while remaining completely breathable, form-fitting to your foot and stellar traction during your golf swing. It will be interesting to see how the shoes hold up in wet conditions, but I definitely see their benefit in warmer weather.

The PUMA Golf Faas Lite Mesh will retail for $90.00, making them highly affordable in a market that tends to lean more toward the expensive side.

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