Red Sox To Give President Obama New Loudmouth Blazer

The Boston Red Sox are scheduled to visit the White House next Tuesday to celebrate their World Series victory with President Barack Obama, and they’ll be arriving with a very patriotic gift.

According to a story on, Jonny Gomes of the Red Sox ordered these spectacular Loudmouth Golf stars and stripes blazers for his teammates, and the team decided the President would look good sporting Old Glory as well. It’s unclear if the team will sport these custom-made American blazers for their visit to the White House, but one thing is for sure…the President will own one.

The stars and stripes jacket is available on Loudmouth’s website for the hefty price tag of $395, just in case you wanted to feel extra patriotic at your next business meeting.

Loudmouth Golf is famously known for its flashy golf apparel worn by none other than John Daly, who recently wore SpongeBob pants among other wild-patterned slacks.

Clothing isn’t Loudmouth’s only speciality, however, as they just opened a new Loudmouth Grill in Orlando this past weekend.

Photo Gallery: The Best of John Daly’s Pants


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