Scotty Cameron Gallery Is A Putter Paradise

Scotty Cameron putters are some of the most sacred clubs a golfer can own. They’re like a piece of art. The most uniquely crafted art you can have in your bag. And now, Scotty Cameron aficionados have a place to go in the U.S. to view all of the craftsman’s creations. 

On Wednesday, the Scotty Cameron Gallery opened in Encinitas, Calif., allowing golf fans to get a peek into Cameron’s world of putters.


“Opening the Scotty Cameron Gallery is something I’ve dreamed about for a long time,” Cameron said. “I’ve always wanted to have a place open to the public where I can share the things that I have created and love.”

The gallery gives golfers the chance to get fitted for putters just like the pros — for a price, of course. Anyone can call and make an appointment to be fitted for $350, which will get you a two-hour session with a fitting specialist.

What could be better than getting fitted by the guys behind the most used putters on tour?



The Gallery looks incredible, and it’s exactly what you’d expect from the Scotty Cameron name. Everything from rare putters to surfboards are available for purchase, with plenty of other Cameron Creations in between. 

“We will have things here that you won’t see any place else in the world,” Cameron said. “When people come into the Gallery, we want them to feel the craftsmanship, the vibe, the experience. This is a place where you come to get fit and learn about your putting stroke, but also to get something that there’s only one of in the world.”

Here are a few more great photos from the Gallery:






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