Sole Mates: Keegan Bradley’s Shoes Contain Secret Messages From Jordan

When it comes to golf shoes, Keegan Bradley is king. Being the first Jordan Brand athlete in golf, Bradley is never without an incredible pair of shoes on the course. He wore a different style almost everyday at the U.S. Open this year, rocking everything from red elephant print to patriotic red, white and blue Jordans.

Photos: Jordan Brand Golf

If you haven’t already seen his kicks throughout the year, you’re really missing out. Thankfully, it’s never too late to get a look at them.

really close look.

In an interview with Back9Network’s Ahmad Rashad, Bradley shared a secret that not many people know. Hidden inside the elephant print on one pair of shoes are little messages significant to Bradley. Some of them are his parents’ names, iconic moments in his career — such as his 2011 PGA Championship win — and even “Pepsi.”


But wait!  That cool factor only goes up from there. Bradley said Michael Jordan always leaves him motivational quotes on the soles of his shoes, such as “Kill … Or be killed.” 

Just another feature of these spectacular shoes.



And of course, on the back of each shoe is Bradley’s signature “KB-13” logo.


Without a doubt, Bradley’s shoes are some of the most unique on tour. Who else has a six-time NBA champion and five-time NBA MVP signing their shoes? No one.

For more on the interview with Ahmad Rashad, click here.

Photos: Jordan Brand Golf


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