Sole Survivors: 9 Cool Golf Shoes

As golf shoe design shifts to lightweight and versatile, we have a guide to help you purchase your next pair.  Chances are you have plenty of street shoes and only one or two pairs of golf shoes. With all of today’s new technology it’s time to upgrade! 

Here is our list of 9 cool golf shoes for champions who don’t know the word “defeet”:

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From the premium leather, to the Ortholite inserts there’s no doubt Callaway makes a cool pair of shoes. They added a gel tongue for additional comfort, a 2-year waterproof guarantee and a 30-day comfort guarantee. Callaway possesses ones of the best-styled golf shoes out there because of the variety: Master Staff for contemporary style, RAZR-X for technical style, TA Cheve Blucher Reptile for that upscale look, a variation of classic styles, as well as Del Mar Tech the new hybrid/skater shoe style. Ladies, be sure to check out the Rhiona – a really cute ballet/golf shoe hybrid.


Cobra Puma
With the most stylish guys on the tour in their stable, (Rickie and Ian,) how could Cobra Puma not have cool shoes? Rickie has a new signature style besides all orange:  the multi-colored splatter pattern. With the lightest shoe we’ve found in golf fashion thus far, the Faas Light feels like you’re walking on air. 


Golfers will fall in love all over again with ECCO’s Tour Hybrid, a classic wing-tip shoe. These spikeless golf shoes offer outstanding underfoot traction and comfort. They also look rich in the summer with a tan on the green.


With James Lepp’s designing one of the first street hybrid shoes on the market, there’s no wonder Kikkor is so popular. For those who respect golf history but embrace change, the Pure model is for you. It has a classic golf shoe look with a gum sole and lines of a skater shoe. This model has soft waterproof full-grain leathers, a unique wing-tip toe and the Kikkor’s Diacon Embedded Spike System.


Nike Golf
With the option of customizing design features to fit your taste, the Nike Golf shoe offers it all. The TW 14 iD and the Tiger Woods 2014 iD can be customized in both waterproof and breathable variations. You can change the color of the swoosh, base, midsole, laces, traction spikes and even the hot fly wire technology. Nike had a lot of success with the Free-Inspired Nike TW’13 – and next year’s model is even better.


With hot players such as Adam Scott and Webb Simpson in Icons, FootJoy holds their own. Just recently they launched a version with a European flair perfect for Irishman Padraig Harrington. 


With unique fabrics such as cloth argyle in the Mi adidas model, TaylorMade-adidas has the ability to be customized as well. In addition, they offer a superbly unique golf shoe for the world of runners called the energy boost. We just hope they spread the technology love around to their golf shoes!


GoBe introduces a new men’s shoe for star players with their Talon Technology traction system designed to grip the grass while not hurting the turf. Currently available in multiple colors, we’re excited to see what new styles debut from this brand in the future. 


TRUE Linkswear: 
Their style is exactly what makes them truly comfortable but the look and feel reminds me too much squishy marshmallows. Much like skater shoes, they come in many colors.


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For over five years, Elle Brec is the leading source for golf fashion as published in New England Golf Monthly digital and print magazine, and more recently editor and writer of Golf Fashion Weekly digital magazine and blog as well as a feature fashion and lifestyle writer in Fairways of Life magazine. 


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