SportRx Takes Your Golf Game to the Next Level

What is the most important piece of equipment in your golf bag?

Most folks will say it’s their putter. Others rely most on their driver, or even a favorite iron in their set. There’s also probably a weird guy you know who really likes his gap wedge. Like, to an unhealthy degree.

All of those answers are wrong. Without a doubt, the most important piece of “equipment” in your golf arsenal is your eyesight. (Threw you a curveball there, didn’t I?)

Take it from a guy who is as blind as a bat. Being able to play golf with 20/20 vision is more important to me than any fancy golf club, golf ball, or training aid. However, playing in glasses or contacts can be a pain in the neck (or eyes, for that matter). And don’t even get me started on prescription sunglasses.

The fine folks at SportRx have developed a method that eases the pain of finding high-quality performance eyewear, and they very well may have changed the face of the game in the process.

I had the chance to speak to Rob Tavakoli, head optician of SportRx, to learn more about his company’s product and how it can help eyesight-challenged golfers like me enjoy the game more. Within two minutes I could absolutely tell how passionate Rob was about his trade, the game of golf, and helping people see the world with more clarity.

SportRx partners with a number of high-end sunglass manufactures – like Under Armour, Nike, Oakley, and adidas – to provide incredible prescription sunglass solutions to athletes from all walks of life. Rob and his team work directly with every customer to get a comprehensive understanding of their eyesight prescription needs, resulting in a set of sunglass lenses that are engineered to heighten your ability to read greens, see shots more clearly and to improve your golf game.

For example, Rob fitted me with a new set of Nike wrap-around sunglass frames coupled with rose-colored lenses to combat glare and improve my eyesight during a round of golf. Plus, the lenses transition from light to dark depending on that day’s sunlight factor.

After playing one round of golf wearing my new sunglasses, I can proudly say that SportRx provided nothing less than the best sunglasses I have ever worn in my life. Period.

I write a lot of product reviews for the Back9Network. Each company I work with believes they have the “next big thing” when it comes to golf. I am telling you, hands down, you will not purchase or use a product that is more important to your game than what SportRx is offering to the visually-impaired.

For more information on SportRx and to view a full list of their products, visit today.

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