Tagmarshal: Could This Be The Solution to Slow Play?

Earlier last week we mentioned a story where former Masters Champion Bubba Watson offered his opinion on what the biggest problem on the PGA Tour is today: slow play. Golf rounds that exceed 5 hours are not only boring to watch as a fan, but taxing and frustrating for the players.

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Slow play is an issue that has spread throughout the ranks in golf, all the way down to the weekend hackers. This year seems to have been especially “snail-like” around the Chicagoland area thanks to dry weather and more opportunities for newbies to hit the links. This isn’t a bad thing per se; however, more bodies on the course mean more minutes between shots.

What is the best solution to this issue? The folks at Tagmarshal might have the answer.

Simply stated, Tagmarshal is a GPS-based tracking system aimed at combating slow play. Golf courses who purchase this innovative service invests in a state-of-the-art tech solution designed to provide golf course management with the tools to effectively manage the number of golfers on their course at any moment.


Tagmarshal uses what they call a “pace of play algorithm” that uses GPS positional data to map and monitor a playing field’s positions and speed. In other words, this application tracks all of the golfers on the course and sends that information to the clubhouse by way of satellite. Club marshals then use a smartphone or tablet application to monitor this data in incredible detail and clarity.

Currently being tested in South Africa, Tagmarshal has been welcomed with open arms and is seeing positive results. The company’s operations manager and founder, John Willmore, explains further.

“The irritating trend of slow-play, recently recognized by the USGA as a major threat to club economic sustainability through their #WhileWereYoung and #paceofplay Twitter campaigns, has become public enemy number 1 in the golfing community,” Willmore explains. “Besides detracting from enjoyment, the financial implications are severe as slower play means fewer rounds and less revenue for course operators. In the current environment of rising costs, management’s ability to increase the attraction of its product is immensely important.

“We believe Tagmarshal will prove to be an efficient, cost effective tool that will form a crucial part in the overall effort to improve player enjoyment”.

Tagmarshal is slated for a United States release later this month and is expected to catch on rather quickly with America’s elite golf clubs. 

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