TaylorMade Releases Tour Preferred Iron Series

Those crazy golf-making geniuses at TaylorMade continue their onslaught on the golf equipment niche just a few days into the 2014 calendar year, this time in the form of their new Tour Preferred irons series.

Comprised of the Tour Preferred MB, Tour Preferred MC and Tour Preferred CB lines, TaylorMade is bringing the amateur player a taste of what their Tour-staff pros are playing during tournaments.

“We don’t believe you can call yourself a great iron company unless you create irons that great players want to play. Irons that meet a Tour pro’s requirements for look, feel, sound and workability,” said Sean Toulon, Executive Vice President, in a press release. “That’s why these clubs bear the name Tour Preferred. The head has to look right from every angle. The leading edge and sole have to react a certain way with the turf. We’ve taken each of these things into careful account to make these irons especially appealing to better players.”


While better players (those with a 12-handicap or lower) will certainly love the look of these beauties, I highly doubt the regular weekend hack will want anything to do with the new Tour Preferred line. Higher handicaps simply won’t benefit from these clubs at all; but then again, TaylorMade understands that risk.

Besides, it’s not like the company doesn’t have a million other club options to choose from. 

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