Tech Company Unveils GPS Watch

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For all you amateur golfers out there looking for another gadget to help your game, tech company Sonostar has something for you to try.

The Smartwatch, which might be the most un-original product name we’ve ever heard of, will have the ability to access thousands of golf courses using a GPS function. So gone are the days of carrying bulky GPS receivers.

It’s essentially a laptop that fits around your wrist, just like the rumored apple iWatch. And, as you’ve probably seen recently, Google is heavily marketing its Google Glass.

But wait. Would you, as a golfer, want to wear this watch while playing? It seems a little … bulky. Don’t you think it might, I don’t know, get in the way when you hinge your wrists at the top?

And who would want to play golf with you if your watch is either buzzing or pinging every five minutes when an e-mail comes through? Don’t expect your buddy to pay for your mid-round beer and hot dog.

Some of us actually go to the golf course to get away from all this plugged-in (or in this case, unplugged) technology stuff. But hey, whatever you like is cool with us.

Jokes aside, this is a good idea. It can be yours for $179. We just miss the days when we had to figure out our yardage by walking off the distance from the markers or stakes in the fairway (something else to add to this list).

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