theCHIVE Releases Golf Clothing Line and Yeah, It’s Awesome

theCHIVE — “probably the best site in the world,” according to itself — has announced a new line of golf apparel and accessories. Like the site, it’s probably the best in the world. 

On a post full of all the things we’ve come to know and love about theCHIVE, the site announced a clothing line that we will surely see Ian Poulter and plenty of other like-minded folks wearing at a course near you in the immediate future. 

The line includes golf polos by Travis Mathew, flex-fit golf pants in “Chive green” and bikini tees:





The line also includes “KCCO” club head covers and, of course, Bill Murray ball markers and divot tools: 



I guess it wouldn’t be theCHIVE without something to do with the beloved Bill Murray, but hey, that’s fine … we love him too

Prices are very reasonable with polos starting right around $60 and pants south of $90. They are available online

Photo Gallery: Bill Murray


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