The Coolest Masters Merchandise You Can Buy At Augusta

Augusta National doesn’t do anything halfway, and that includes merchandise. The course’s director of merchandising is a Walt Disney World alum (the Mouse knows how to move product) and it’s estimated that the club sells $15 to $20 million in swag every year. But what should you buy if you can get yourself onto the grounds? Here are my picks for top Masters memorabilia.

Masters iPhone Case

Augusta iPhone cases

Remember 2008? You’d be at a meeting or a class or a parole hearing when someone would put their iPhone down on a table and everyone would go wild. “Can I touch it? Can I play with it?”

That never happens anymore — now everyone and their grandmother has an iPhone. But one of these killer cases would bring that “wow” factor back. It’s a case that says, “I’ve got some calls to make, and one of them is to my broker.”

Par-3 Contest Hat

Augusta Par 3 contest hat

No other pro golf tournament has a par-3 contest, making this headgear especially unique. By wearing it, you’re not only showing your support for the game’s smallest golf holes, you’re proclaiming that you appreciate the more eccentric elements of pro golf. Also, it’s a nice excuse to not comb your hair.

Masters Yardage Guide


You’ll probably never get to tee it up at Augusta, but you can play the course in your head with the help of this 2013 yardage guide. It includes common hole locations plus yardage from the usual spots around the course. So now when you’re at the bar on Sunday, your pronouncements about Tiger’s approach on No. 13 won’t be complete crap.

Masters Edition ProV1 Golf Balls


How powerful are the people who run the Masters? They pushed Titleist’s name off a box of THEIR OWN GOLF BALLS. These logo balls perform just as well as a normal ProV1, although if you actually took one out and played with it, I’d want to break your arm.