The Ultimate St. Paddy’s Day Golf Outfit

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we’d like to offer some outstanding picks to bring out the Irish inside during your Sunday round.

Travis Mathew Heathered Jolly Green


The gang at Travis Mathew have a pair of great green options for St. Paddy’s Day, but this is our favorite. The shirt features a four-button placket, four 1-inch stripes on chest and two on the upper back. It retails for $84.95.

Bonobo’s Augusta Green Pant


Maybe a green shirt isn’t your thing, but a pair of trouser is what you seek. Then check out these $98 (now on sale for $48) slacks from Bonobo’s. Cut to not be too loose or too tight, the 100 percent polyester pant fits right. It also has a cool scorecard print to line it.

MyJoys Custom FJ Icon Shoe


There’s no substitute for a great pair of golf shoes. If you’re looking for a more traditional style shoe with some St. Patrick’s Day (or Masters) flare, why not customize your own pair of FootJoy shoes? Using the MyJoys site, create this pair of FJ Icon shoes. With premium leather uppers, excellent detailing and the classic look you crave, these shoes can be made to look all yours for $300.