The World’s Most Expensive Golf Clubs?

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Got $75,000 just lying around?

If so, we have the perfect purchase for you: A set of very expensive golf clubs.

Japanese company Honma, which makes high-end (no kidding) golf gear, offers a complete custom set of clubs for 75 Gs. More than 100 people, according to the company via, have a hand in designing and manufacturing each club.

The clubs are adorned with platinum and 24-karat gold — for $75,000, that’s the least the company could do.

The list of folks who have purchased a set of these beauties include Donald Trump, Danny DeVito, Jack Nicholson and Marc Anthony. Trump said he’s happy with them.

“I think they’re great,” Trump said. “I find they play very, very well. They’re very beautiful clubs, nicer than any I’ve seen.”

The company also makes less expensive sets, which are seen in the video below.

Players have the option to purchase a golf bag to go along with their expensive tools of the trade. That carries a much lighter price tag of $8,000. No problem, we’ll take one.

Yeah, right.

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