Threading the Needle: Bunker Mentality

When you first look at any item made by the fine folks at Bunker Mentality, you immediately realize they aren’t your typical golf apparel line. That’s because they want to be anything but typical.

Bunker Mentality is a British company that designs clothing “without compromise for a ‘Playa’ who has an individual personality and lifestyle and is looking for a new level of taste and substance in golf apparel.” That might read like a mouthful, but these guys definitely hold true to their mantra by producing a catalog of products that are truly unique.


For example, the Hombre Jacket is both extremely well made and borderline flamboyant in style, which I love. The jacket I tested features the phrase, “Hit it hard, go find it and hit it hard again” embroidered across the chest. I mean… how can you not love that?

Similarly, the Eagle Golf Jumper sweater features bright pink sleeves, a series of designs on the front and back all packaged in a comfortable, stylish package that you can wear on or off the course. Make no mistake about it folks; Bunker Mentality products are a little punk-golf, so you definitely have to be in to that sort of thing to appreciate how amazing they are.

According to the company’s website, “Bunker Mentality is a brand for golf addicts, people with a love of the great game and who have a different mentality.” That pretty much sums me up in a nutshell, and I am ashamed I haven’t gotten my hands on more apparel from Bunker Mentality sooner. I’ll not be making that mistake again.

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