Threading the Needle: G/Fore Gallivanter Golf Shoe

Over the years the term “golf shoe” has gotten hazy. There are shoes you wear while playing golf, and then there are shoes that look great on or off the golf course.

The new Gallivanter Golf shoe by the fine folks at G/Fore falls squarely in the second category.


Simply stated, I have not worn a more stylish golf shoe in my life. The Gallivanter shoe features water-resistant suede on the outer shell while the sole is made of a lightweight, shock-absorbing rubber sole. Both are available in a wide range of contrasting-yet-stylish color combinations, making this shoe one of the most unique on the market.


Aside from its appearance, the Gallivanter shoe is also incredibly comfortable. While they may look like a classy dress shoe best reserved for a night out or business meeting, this shoe was made with the athlete in mind. The shoe’s bottom features raised logos for maximum traction you’d normally find in any golf spike, coupled with strategically-placed grooves for additional flex during your swing.

Make no mistake, this is a premium-priced shoe that retails for $225.00. Still, if you have a golfer in your family who likes to inject a touch of class and style into their weekend round, be sure to pick up a pair of these beauties. 

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