Threading the Needle: Lija Golf

We do a lot of gear and apparel reviews on the Back9Network, hitting on every genre, taste and age group in the golf spectrum. Unfortunately, we haven’t been very good with reviewing new stuff for our female fans.

We’re sorry. But that’s going to change!

Lija Style is an athletic apparel company who specializes in making high-quality, comfortable sportswear for women. In addition to offering great apparel options for the gym or tennis court, they also have a massive golf clothing selection for women. Thanks to the help from my wife, we had the opportunity to review a couple selections from Lija Golf.

Lija_Golf_Article2First, the Herringbone Banded Capri golf pant is both stylish and incredibly comfortable for golfers who prefer an alternative between shorts and long pants. According to our product tester, these capri pants are some of the best-fitting garments she has ever tried on. What makes them so nice? When she bent down to pick up her golf ball or tee from the turf, her shirt never came untucked from the back of her pants.

Apparently that is a very common problem with women’s golf pants. Who knew?

We then tested the Honey Ruched L/S Polo, which complimented the Herringbone pants nicely. This is a long-sleeved quarter-zip golf polo made of the company’s trademark Honey fabric. The fabric offers extreme breathability while helping to wick sweat and moisture away from the golfer during her round. The sleeves were also snug enough to stay in place during her golf swing, which took care of another common annoyance found in other long-sleeve shirts.

To learn more about the Lija Golf collection, be sure to visit the company website.

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