Threading The Needle: Maide Golf Breaks Into The Clothing Market

What do you get when you blend the classic golf looks of yesteryear with modern fabrics designed specifically for golf? You get Maide — Maide Golf, that is. With its official launch this week in New York City, Maide Golf comes to us from Bonobos, a web-original brand launched in 2007 that came with a distinct focus on fit, fun, and a fantastic customer experience.

There’s a lot to love about what Maide Golf, and its appeal can only be anticipated as wide, with designs that seem to be inspired by the looks found in the pages of Life Magazine archives. Drawing its name from the Gaelic word for “club,” Maide Golf is heritage with a modern twist, conjuring the silhouettes of past heroes such as The King, The Golden Bear, and golf’s ultimate showman and often overlooked style leader, Chi Chi.

A stylish golfer truly worth his salt, whether his handicap is high or low, is always on the lookout for the optimal pair of golf trousers. First looks are one thing, but it’s the fit and feel that really counts, and it’s what will make the difference for the wearer both on the course and off.

“Maide is for the golfer looking for classic golf style with a modern fabrication,” said Kevin Kelleher, the brand lead at Maide. “Many mass brands miss the fit component of clothes, while others nail functionality but with an extreme sport look. We are bringing back the lifestyle element to golf apparel, striking the perfect balance of style and performance. We strived to create a brand that is understandable in that it blends the modernity of functional fabrics with a look inspired by the game’s greatest players from years past.”

With so many entrants in the golf apparel marketplace, both old and new, Maide Golf looks to provide a product that will address specific needs for the golf consumer.

“Like Bonobos, Maide was launched to fill a void in the marketplace; it’s the answer to what we see missing in the golf world as it relates to fit, style and functionality,” said Andy Dunn, the CEO and founder of Bonobos Inc. “It’s our intention to deliver the same quality and service that Bonobos’ customers have come to know and expect while entering into a new venture that we hope will redefine the golf apparel category in a big way.”

Maide’s debut collection for Spring and Summer delivers a complete range of pants, shorts, polos, knits, sweaters and branded accessories, all with function and construction geared specifically for golf, making it clear there’s a real passion for the sport at Maide. And, it certainly doesn’t hurt that the product comes with a made-to-order look that belies it’s off-the-rack reality.

Highlights from Maide’s first collection must start with the golf pants ($108) which feature details such as Maide’s embroidered script “M” and a scorecard design on the interior pocket liner. You’ll certainly appreciate the curved waistband and the gel inset that keeps your shirt tucked. Pair this with the thoughtfully tailored thigh and the shortened rise, and you have a sophisticated look rarely found in other golf lines.

The pants also feature a zipper at the hem to ensure just the right break over your golf shoes. Maide Golf shorts ($88) offer the 10-inch inseam that’s just right — it’s not too long, nor too short. No hitching or hiking required. Six colorways are available in bottoms, from basic to bold. Choose from stock favorites such as grey, black, khaki, navy, and white, but it says here you shouldn’t shy away from a bit of color this season. When done right, as Maide Golf has, red and green make a bold statement without sacrificing your credibility.

But what about tops, you say? Good question! Maide Golf offers no fewer than eight moisture-wicking short sleeve polos ($78) in five solid colors, and three striped polos ($88) to provide necessary variety. Sweaters are also part of the mix, including classic cotton v-necks and an engineered stripe, while screen printed lifestyle graphic tee shirts ($38) add a bit of whimsy. A snazzy navy multi-striped cardigan ($88) could prove a fast favorite. Smart detailing is carried through to Maide’s tops as the embroidered “M” once again makes an appearance, this time on the cuffs of sleeves.

For a first collection, Maide Golf is considerably well thought out and dare we say it, mature. Available for purchase online with free shipping at, returns piggyback on Bonobo’s famous 365-day return policy. If online shopping isn’t in your bag, be sure to check Maide Golf out at any of Bonobos’ five Guideshops for a personal fitting appointment.