Threading the Needle:~Mobile Warming Gear

Mobile Warming Gear
MSRP: $219

The season of the frost delay is upon most of us, imposed at will by Mother Nature and dutifully enforced by golf course superintendents far and wide.

Sitting in the grill room waiting out the delay, you secretly pine for global warming. Year-round golf in your northern neck of the woods would be OK by you, even at the cost of melting ice caps and rising ocean levels.

The good news is you don’t have to wait for global warming to do its thing, because hot off the production line just in time for the coldest part of the golf season is the latest heated, fully waterproof jacket from Mobile Warming. Mobile Warming makes golf outerwear for both men and women in a variety of configurations, making those crisp autumn morning rounds feel like a mid-summer days dream.

Employing proprietary heating technology based on concepts pioneered by NASA during the early days of the space program, Mobile Warming jackets are driven by a rechargeable lithium ion battery featuring four heat level options to keep you toasty warm up to 10 hours, just in case you need to sneak in another 18 before dark. But be warned, these jackets are so warm that they may make you want to turn up the heat on your fellow competitor, pressing your bets as you warm up your core. So just in case, make sure you have enough dough to cover any losses within the waterproof zippered pockets.

Seam-sealed and USGA conforming, Mobile Warming jackets are made from a light, breathable, four-way stretch technical fabric that keeps your swing free and easy no matter how low the mercury goes. Heat is distributed though the jacket to three panels — two on the chest and one on the back — each containing steel alloy fibre elements reflecting distributing the heat towards you, where you need it most.

Global warming is a myth for some and a reality for others, but to golfers, the reality of Mobile Warming is available now at finer off-course and green grass retailers throughout North America, and online.