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When it comes to golf shirts, most golfers are pretty cut-and-dry with style preference: collared polo shirt, khaki pants or shorts, ankle-length socks. Maybe some suspenders, you know, for some flavor.

However, if you’re like me and prefer to think outside of the box when it comes to on-course style, you’ll appreciate the look offered by QED Style.

Classic western at their core, QED offers golfers a sharp, unique look that goes above and beyond traditional golf style. Founded by former PGA Tour-hopeful Mike McRae, QED is a company that specializes in offering comfortable, playable apparel without sacrificing style and charm. It realizes that style is a personal concept that doesn’t have to always fit a specific mold or trend.

I had the opportunity to try two Eureka Polo shirts, and I am impressed in more ways than one. The shirts are soft, durable and impeccably made. I especially appreciated the white stitching along the chest and around the arm cuffs, providing a truly unique look for a golf shirt. In fact, these shirts don’t look like a “golf shirt”; instead, you would be completely comfortable wearing the polo out on the town.

What I liked most about the shirts was their fit and comfort while swinging a golf club. Sometimes you can run into a “trendy” shirt that seems to completely forget that people might actually want to play golf while wearing it. QED not only paid attention to this element, the company redefined it.


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