Threading The Needle: Tommy Bahama Golf Apparel

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Tommy Bahama clothing has long been known for its unique style and fashion, which can be worn on the golf course or out at your favorite watering hole. The company’s 2013 line is no exception to this standard, as I had the opportunity to find out recently.

The new Island Modern Fit Firewall Half-Zip Mock Neck is a comfortable, breathable shirt that offers a modern spin on the traditional mock style. I don’t typically enjoy wearing tight-fitting collars around my neck, but the slim-fitting Island Modern Fit sits snugly without being suffocating or uncomfortable. The shirt’s lightweight layering rivals the look and feel of a performance polo from competing brands. I was pleasantly surprised at the shirt’s construction, especially how it allowed me to swing my golf club without any tightness in the arms or chest.

Likewise, the new Island Network 10” shorts serve as a perfect compliment piece to any golf shirt or mock neck from Tommy Bahama. They offer a perfect amount of luxury and stretch, as the company website suggests, thanks to the shorts’ lightweight material comprised of nylon and spandex. I was most impressed with the shorts’ comfortable feel and performance while on the golf course, maintaining their perfect fit even when I started sweating during my round.

Island Modern Fit Firewall Half-Zip Mock Neck Blue by Tommy BahamaIsland Network Shorts by Tommy Bahama

To learn more about the other great offerings from Tommy Bahama, be sure to visit the company website or stop in at your neighborhood major golf retailer.

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