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Catching up with Bert LaMar is no mean feat. Between pre-dawn trips to the range and a round or two of golf, you might catch a fleeting glimpse of LaMar zipping off to the airport to visit his newest tour staffer or latest retailer — if you’re lucky.

A former skateboard and snowboard pioneer and star, LaMar has turned his all of his creative passions to golf with the incarnation of Iliac Golf by Bert LaMar.

One thing you quickly realize about LaMar is he’s not one to follow the masses, choosing to give the PGA Show a pass in 2013 in favor of a more experiential approach to doing business. LaMar takes time out to visit his customers in person, to make sure he builds lasting, meaningful relationships with those on the front line of the golf retail industry.

About the only time you’ll find him sitting still is when he’s behind his desk sketching out a new product idea or design. Between putting the finishing touches on a new product and preparing for a trip overseas, Bert had a few moments to let us in on what’s new at Iliac in 2013.

Threading The Needle: I can’t think of a company other than Iliac Golf by Bert La Mar that offers such a diverse range. What made you want to do something more than just apparel?

LaMar: I live the lifestyle at a core level and my background for design drive me and my company to make products for the serious golfer at the highest level.

TTN: It seems like you have an Iliac solution for everything golf related. For example, you have added alignment stick covers for 2013…

LaMar: My mother and grandmother have over 70 years of professional sewing in them as well as my father has over 35 years in tooling and product design. I have been designing products for sport since I could breath.

The alignment-stick cover is my latest new product with my patent-pending design. It’s ideal for completing your bag, protecting your driver, eliminating noise and insightful plastic — plus they look sick!

TTN: Your brand is well represented on Tour for 2013 with the addition of Jimmy Walker. What do you look for in a player when choosing a brand representative?

LaMar: I play with them to make sure they have mad skills, honest, passionate and we connect on a personal level as well as brand and product level.

TTN: Your social media channels have be chock full of interesting tidbits the last couple of months, including a few snaps of an Iliac Golf by Bert LMar bricks and mortar store. What can you tell us about that?

LaMar: My Carlsbad store experience is a labor of love and a reflection into the “Rich in Tradition” world of my brand. We have some products that were made for Tour that are not for sale on our site or at our clubs! It’s a limited-hour store — Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 12:00-4:00 p.m.

TTN: Following you on Twitter (@iliacgolf) and Facebook ( can be a bit like watching the Amazing Race… you’re always on the go! Where do you find the energy, and where are you off to next?

LaMar: I am hands on with every level of my brand hence needing to be at tour events, with my customers and connected to tournament golf. My deep passion and roots come from the rich traditions, history, design and stories untold. I leave this Sunday for my third trip to Scotland and Ireland in less then nine months. I feel my heart, soul and brand are connected with the home of golf and its part of my destiny to share this with my customers through my product, brand and story.

TTN: Finally, what does the future hold for you and your brand?

LaMar: Aye! You’ll just have to keep following to see.

Related Link: Gearing Up – Iliac Golf Headcovers

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