Tiger Helps Nike Design New Golf Shirt

Nike Golf has unveiled their new Spring 2013 TW golf polo line, complete with design features straight from the mind of Tiger Woods.

For this year’s line of golf polos, Nike turned to Woods for input on designing a shirt to help with swing posture and athletic performance.

To see pictures of the TW Spring 2013 line, click here.

Kim Kenney, design director for Nike Golf, explained how one of Tiger’s pet peeves lead the way to a new feature in the TW polo.

“For Tiger, we found that the key areas of distraction were his collar and sleeves,” Kenney said. “Tiger was typically adjusting his sleeves before he addressed the ball, moving the garment’s shoulder seam back as a way to mark his golf stance. Then, after he followed through he had to adjust and pull his sleeves back to the original position.” 

These constant shirt adjustments become an annoyance and distraction while playing a round of golf. To solve this problem, Nike engineers sewed a continuous shoulder seam on the back side of the polo per Woods’ specifications. Golf polo sleeves are normally sewn directly to the back of the shirt in separate pieces; however, Nike’s new design eliminates excessive stitching. The result is a golf shirt that won’t bunch up during your swing and provide enhanced comfort throughout the day.

“I consider my apparel to be as significant as the rest of my golf equipment,” said Woods. “My test sessions with the Nike apparel team led us to construct a polo that frees my swing starting at address and continuing through impact and my follow through. The new shoulder seam construction makes for no restrictions. This allows me to swing with power, and with complete confidence.”