Training Day: SKLZ Golf Practice Aids

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SKLZ Golf has been providing premium golf training aids to players of all skill levels at an affordable price for years. Their newest product lines include devices that will help you strengthen your swing, work on your balance and the best artificial hitting surface on the market.

The SKLZ Gold Flex swing training aid ($69.99) works out your strength and swing tempo, leading to longer shots and controlled swings. Meant to be used as a warm-up tool much like a baseball player would use a weighted bat, the Gold Flex trainer is a 48-inch simulated golf club equipped with a 2.5 pound head. Trust me; your core muscles will be screaming after a few swings with this sucker.

Next, the ProStance Inflatable Balance Trainer ($79.99) is a device you stand on to improve your balance throughout your golf swing. It also promotes a more athletic stance and ideal posture by quickly detecting balance and weight distribution issues in your swing. When you start falling off-balance on this inflatable trainer, you will know immediately how to correct your swing flaw.

Finally, the SKLZ Glide Pad ($99.99) is quite possibly the best artificial driving range mat you can buy. The key to this device is that the “turf” actually moves forward as you make impact with the golf ball, simulating how real grass will behave when you make a divot on the course. I have never hit a golf ball on a driving range mat that has come close to what the Glide Pad can offer. This trainer is set to release later this summer.

For more information on the many great products offered by SKLZ, visit their company website.

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